iTree S988 手機氣墊空壓殼
iTree S988 Mobile Phone Air Cushion Air Compression Shell

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上市日期 / Listing date
2021 / 08
材質 / Material
透明TPU / Transparent TPU
性質 / nature
軟殼 / soft shell
適用型號 / Applicable Model
iTree S988


■Commodity instructions:
1. If product specifications differ from the original manufacturer, the information published by the original manufacturer shall prevail.
2. The color of the product may be slightly different due to the relationship between the shooting and the screen. Actually, it is mainly shipped.
3. The merchandise situation photos used in the copy are for illustrative purposes, and the actual shipment should be based on the specifications.
■Freight description:
Free shipping for orders over $490 in the whole site. If the free shipping standard is not reached, you will need to charge $80 (limited to the main island of Taiwan), and the outlying islands will be charged separately.
■Seven-day hesitation period:
According to Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law, this website provides the rights and interests of the seven-day hesitation period (non-trial period).
When returning the product, it must be restored to its original state, that is, it must be restored to the original state when you received the product (including the host, accessories, inner and outer packaging, random documents, gifts, etc.).
​In addition, the following circumstances may affect your return rights:
(1) Without affecting your inspection of the product, you have damaged the packaging of the product, removed the seal, removed the tag, removed the glue, or removed the label.
(2) Other reasons that are necessary or attributable to you for exceeding the inspection, causing damage, loss or alteration of the goods.
The original box and the original packaging are part of the product. If there is any loss, damage or missing parts, it may affect your rights to return the product, and the expenses necessary for restoring the original condition may also be deducted according to the degree of damage.

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